Accountable 4 Success



Adoption of the A4S System

Accountable for Success (A4S) is a job performance, talent development and personal accountability system that allows companies to:


Set your Corporate Strategy Credentials. Be clear about you company’s :

  • Vision, Mission, and Corporate Strategy
  • Culture – company values and behavior
  • Leadership – traits and skills
  • Scoring system – ratings for each responsibilities and aggregate scores


Enable your adoption team to:

  • Designate an A4S Coordinator and resident expert
  • Design jobs description agreements for the CEO and senior leadership team
  • Develop a consistent scoring system that others can use
  • Apply the scoring system to the top leaders’ job agreements


Cascade the process of designing job agreements using the scoring systems to each level starting with the senior leaders working with their direct reports.

The Accountable for Success (A4) team provide a multi-day strategic training workshop for companies interested in adopting the system. How much time your company needs will depend on readiness for many of the processes. You’re more likely to be readier if you’re use user of Traction/EOS, Vistage Inside, or other similar systems to help you identify your corporate identity credentials (i.e., your Vision, Mission, Strategy, Culture and Talent Development plans).If not, then the senior executive team must develop these corporate credentials.

Once credentials are adopted, members of the executive team become parts of dyads with their workers to develop each person’s Job Description agreement. They identify each person’s responsibilities and time priorities, and define tasks, behavioral measures, and scoring systems.

Once the senior team and their workers are ready to go, there is a 30 day trial to work out issues. Once the team is satisfied, A4S is rolled out throughout the company by cascading it down, level by level, to the lowest level dyads. The time for this step depends on your company’s size and commitment to speed

Throughout the process, your A4S Implementer provides ongoing support.

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